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Swagbucks Birthday Bash! Join Now (Get 140 SB For Joining) and Get In On This!!!

Tomorrow is Swagbucks’ big birthday bash! Swagbucks is a site for earning opportunities in the form of gift cards, merchandise and more by answering polls, completing offers, searching, taking surveys and much much more! Join today to get in on this! They are giving away 4 $1000 prizes. Join and RSVP to the party and be automatically entered for the $1000 prize. There will be other Swagbucks earning opportunities tomorrow, including bonuses for which party wins (you can RSVP to the guy or girl party).

I have racked up over 2000 Swagbucks in a short period of time by streaming SBTV on my Android phone with the Swagbucks TV mobile app to earn points. I also win Swagbucks on searches throughout the day. You get Swagbucks guaranteed every day by answering the poll and completing the No Obligation Special Offers (you can just skip through all of these and earn Swagbucks). There is also a laptop on the RadiumOne offers that you can click continuously until it will not let you anymore. I have earned 5-8 Swagbucks a day doing this. There are lots of great ways to earn. I plan on paying for my kids’ and family’s Christmas presents with gift cards earned from Swagbucks!

PLUS, if you sign up NOW, you will get 140 Swagbucks automatically added to your new account (the normal amount for new users is 30). Just use the promo code BIRTHDAYBASH12. Click on my link HERE to get started!

*This web site is totally legit and is my FAVORITE way to earn Amazon gift cards. You can get a $5 for 450 Swagbucks, so the more SB you rack up, the more gift cards you can get for FREE. There are a lot of sites following this trend, but Swagbucks is my favorite!

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