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Dearfoams Slippers Review

As you can probably tell by my most recent reviews, I am a complete slipper fiend! I love keeping my feet warm. It is November and beginning to get pretty chilly in Indiana. I consider myself “cold-blooded” because I am always wrapped in a blanket or freezing this time of year! Dearfoams slippers are stylish, cute, and very comfortable. They have many different styles. I was so excited to have the chance to try the knit pile clog slippers in a heather grey color. I love a fuzzy, warm slipper I can just slide my feet right into with little effort after a long day at work.

I am in love with the design of these slippers. I think they are super cute and trendy. The lining is a soft faux fur, while the bottom is made to be skid and abrasion resistant. The fur provides the softness and warmth. No socks are required for these slippers. The fur does all of the warming work. They don’t slide off my feet or leave me walking funny to try to keep them on.

Dearfoams invented the original foam slipper in 1947 and continue to keep up with comfort and trend standards. I’ve already mentioned how cute these slippers are, but I typically see comfortable slippers that are not that stylish. The vast majority of slippers Dearfoams has in their inventory are fashion forward. I might even wear these on a trip to the store to grab a jug of milk.

I also appreciate that this company caters to women with larger feet. I happen to have humongous feet and it is sometimes difficult and disappointing to shop for shoes and slippers. Often I see companies who don’t sell anything bigger than a size 10, which my feet can not squeeze into. I was able to find these slippers in a size 11-12 and they fit perfectly.

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Disclosure: I received the above products for free through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review. This blog complies with FTC advertising guidelines.


  1. these sound super comfy i think this is going on my christmas wish list :) and the fact that they stay on is amazing considering no slippers ever actually stay on my tiny feet

  2. I would love to have a pair of these slippers. I need to ask Santa Clause.

  3. Michelle F. says:

    Wow these look so comfy.

  4. Those look like the most comfortable slippers! I also have large feet and they’re wide. I’d love to have a pair of slippers that fit properly.

  5. These sound very comfortable

  6. Mary Gallardo says:

    These look so warm! My apartment gets super cold in the winter, so I am always looking for a good pair of warm slippers to get me through it!

  7. I am soooo going to look into getting a pair or more of these!!!!! I lost my one slippers I had after my daughter was born … now to get a new pair!!!!

  8. oh my gosh those are so cute and wintery and look so cozy!!

  9. so comfortable!

  10. I’m a slipper kinda girl, if I don’t have any on, my feet freeze. Love these, they look so comfy and warm!

  11. They look very comfortable

  12. Cathy Jarolin says:

    I am a little chilled right at the moment..My eyes caught sight of these comfortable,, warm, gray furry slippers..I love them.. I actually have these exact slippers on my wish list…So Comfy looking..

  13. kristenlila@aol.com says:

    omygoodness! these are adorable!!!

  14. I love slippers. I could live in slippers. Those look so very warm and comfy and the pictorial description you have given is driving me mad I have to have a pair NOW@!!!?

  15. I love dearform slippers, have a pair now, would like another pair soon.

  16. peggy fedison says:

    oooooooooooh its always cold in my apartment.. i would love to have these slippers!!!!

  17. Cristy Layne says:

    ohhhh Dont those slippers look nice and warm. I like them because they have a hard bottom , so you can step poutside in them.

    Cristy Layne

  18. Nice

  19. Jessica Thompson says:

    I als stay cold all the time to so these would be great for me

  20. Becky Bryant says:

    I have always loved Dearfoam slippers. I ususally buy my mom a pair of slippers for Christmas and they are Dearfoams because they fit her nice and they don’t slip and slide which is very important because she is elderly. Thanks for the review.

  21. Lanicsha Wynn says:

    These look so comfy and warm. I may have to get me a pair because the one I have now are old :/

  22. Mary Jo Mudd says:

    I love love house shoes!! I have a pair of Acorn slippers that I got brand new at a thrift store, but I would love a pair of Dearfoams!! They always have really good reviews, so I know theyre great!! I hate to have cold feet, so I would love to have a pair. They look so warm and soft and they are made tough to last.

  23. Casey Helser says:

    Love these!!! :)

  24. bill elliott says:

    These look very comfortable. They would be great for my wife, she has neuropathy in her feet and is looking for a new pair.

  25. Kathy Smith says:

    I would love to have pair of these scuffs. I like it when you can just slip your feet in and your toes stay nice and toasty.

  26. I need a new pair of slippers. Think I’ll check these out. Thanks for the review =D

  27. charlene k says:

    This is awesome as I am the Queen of Slippers in Illinois :). I wear slippers just about all year and have tried these Dearforms and they rock. Thanks for a great review.

  28. so many cute slippers to choose from!

  29. christine weideman says:

    those are so cute!

  30. Karen Glatt says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway to win a pair of warm and cozy Dearfoams slippers! Merry Christmas!

  31. Sacha Schroeder says:

    These look so comfortable!!!

  32. Mary Gallardo says:

    So cute and comfy looking!

  33. Samantha D. says:

    Oooo, i didn’t even see those knit ones on the site yet but they look super stylish and comfy.

  34. Jennifer Young says:

    I am always cold too! Slippers are a must in Wisconsin in the wintertime!!

  35. Diana Stanhope says:

    OMG those are adorable!

  36. Your review makes me wish I was stepping into these slippers right this minute!

  37. I love slippers and these do look warm and comfy. They’ll definitely be great for cold winters. The pair you have are super cute

  38. debbie jackson says:

    adore these debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  39. nikki krutz says:

    with winter here, i would really like a pair of these! they sound very comfortable and something i can wear all the time!

  40. I’m glad they have larger sizes! I have such huge feet. XD

  41. liked on facebook, thank you for the review. i love all the different styles of dearfoams slippers!

  42. I love dearfoam slippers, most comfortable brand.

  43. Donna Cheatle says:

    Dearfoams make the best slippers! There are always beautiful styles and colors to choose from. Nice to see there are more people like me out there. I love slippers!

  44. Dianna Thomas says:

    wow! those look so comfortable–thanks for Sharing with us–Merry Christmas

  45. I live in my slippers, so I know how comfy they have to be.

  46. Love Dearfoams! They are the most comfy slippers.

  47. I like the style you picked. they nice and warm.

  48. Happy Holidays to you and your family =D

  49. courtney hennagir says:

    i’m not a big slipper person but i am really wanting a pair of these! i am loving the grape juice sweater knit clogs!

  50. There are so many choices from super warm and comfy to extremely functional. If my feet are warm the rest of me is as well so slippers are a must have for the cold winters around here.

  51. these are fabulous – great review – gotta have ‘em!

  52. jeanette sheets says:

    oh. i love these cute slippers thanks for the giveawy

  53. rebeka deleon says:

    i want some! my feet are always freezing and i like walking around in something..i have none! cute

  54. Kathy Smith says:

    These are the pair I chose and like the most. Thanks for great giveaways.

  55. vickie marks allbright says:

    great review and a great product thank you

  56. Great review. And good to know about the sizes. We have the big feet problem in our family too.

  57. Anita Leibert says:

    Thank you for your review! These slippers are on my Christmas list this year!!

  58. Ohhh! ❤ these look so warm would be nice on my cold feet with these bare floors!

  59. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    They have such fashionable slippers. I love the one’s you got! They are certainly on my Christmas wish list this year!

  60. The Mary Janes are adorable! I want some :)

  61. Maryann D. says:

    I have freezing feet all the time and need slippers all the time. These look warm and cozy and well made!

  62. jennifer wexler says:

    the slippers you reviewed look super comfy!

  63. I love these slippers! They look so warm and cozy. Thank you for the great review! I’m sold, I want a pair :)
    Merry Christmas to you & your family

  64. Thanks everyone! I wear these every day!

  65. I love the color!

  66. Rachel Ralston says:

    Great review! These slippers are so cute.

  67. krista grandstaff says:

    These slippers are so so cute…and to know that they are skid and slip resistant, bonus!! My feet are always cold and I am on the hunt every year for THE pair that will wear well, not get ratty, still be toasty and not help me be less graceful than I already am ;)

  68. michelle warner says:

    i love the style of those slippers they look so comfy, great review

  69. So Fantastic!

  70. Holly Trudeau says:

    these are so cute and look super comfy! Thanks for the review!

  71. Brigette Streeper says:

    I love the knitted look. They look warm and comfy.

  72. OOOH, I would love those. They are just my style.

  73. I love the style slipper you chose. Looks like a warm, comfy knit sweater for your feet!

  74. Stacey Cockrell says:

    Those look sooo comfy :)

  75. misty farmer says:

    Great review! Loving the slippers!

  76. The Dearforms really do look comfy and warm. I need to see about getting me a pair. Thanks for the great review! :-)

  77. Great review! The slippers look so comfy and I really like that they keep you from skidding (as I have hard floors) and yay for bigger sizes as I wear a 10

  78. Great review. These slippers should keep my tootsies toasty.

  79. lmurley2000 says:

    love their slippers

  80. yarnaddicted says:

    Dearfoams are a favorite of our family, we have worn them for years! Thanks for the great review :)
    Kim Reid
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com


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