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Waterproof for Winter with Lugz Boots #Review + #Giveaway {Open to U.S.}


Disclosure: Lugz provided me with a complimentary pair of boots for review. All opinions are 100% mine. This blog complies with FTC advertising guidelines. Kara’s Deals & Steals is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Last winter in the Midwest was something that will be in the history books. My parents went through the blizzard of 1978 which was the most epic snowstorm of their lifetime. Well I got to live through the winter of 2014 and it was a doozy! We were stuck in our house for weeks and I can tell you my family was not prepared to spend a lot of time outside in the subzero temperatures. One thing my husband was lacking when he had to brave the cold and snow to shovel our driveway multiple times last winter was a good pair of boots. Even the snow boots let the cold wetness seep through. This year he has his Lugz Empire Hi Water Resistant boots which will keep his feet warm and dry. 

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Get Great Beauty Tips for Every Lifestyle at the Walmart Suave Hub


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Global Influence. All opinions are my own. This blog complies with FTC advertising guidelines.

You all know that I am a busy full time working mom of three. Many of my readers live the same busy lifestyle as me, but what I love is that there are a variety of you out there who have shared some awesome beauty tips with me in the past. Taking time for myself is a rarity, but when I do, it often involves enjoying a longer shower or getting out my favorite pair of jeans and tall boots, paired with a cute flowy shirt {while of course dodging baby spit up all day}. The best beauty advice I can give for moms is to remember to take that time for yourself, even if it is enjoying an hour after the kids go to bed to paint your nails or sticking your feet in your foot spa.

Walmart’s Suave Hub is a perfect reference for women who live many different lifestyles. You can get beauty tips for a day at the park, an exotic getaway, or an hour at the playground with your kids with Suave product suggestions and information to help you decide what to purchase and how to use it. You’ll also find promotions, like the current Instagram contest to win Suave prize packs and coupons to help you keep more money in your pocket on your next beauty shopping trip at Walmart.

Don’t miss out on even more Suave savings. Be sure to join the Suave Family Perks program and submit your receipts to collect points that you can redeem for Walmart gift cards! See how you can live beautifully with savings on Suave products only at Walmart.

What is your best beauty tip for a busy mom like me?

#Win a NEW Lalabu Bambu Bib, Made in the USA By Refugee Women!


I have gone through so many bibs with my six month old, and they have gone through a million washes and the velcro has stuck to just about every item of clothing they’ve come in contact with. The new Lalabu Bambu Bib solves that problem and a purchase goes toward a great cause. Each purchase of a Lalabu Bambu Bib helps provide refugee women in the United States and their families a safe and hopeful future. Not only will your money go toward this cause, but the bibs are actually handmade right here in the USA by these refugee women and they are super cute and practical!

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Smile Brilliant Custom Teeth Whitening Trays #Review + #Win a Kit! {Open to U.S.}


Disclosure: I received a free product from Smile Brilliant in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. This blog complies with FTC advertising guidelines. Participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment.

I was blessed with good teeth thanks to genetics. I never had to have a retainer or braces and until recently, have not had to deal with cavities or any dental work whatsoever. However, one thing I deal with every day is tooth sensitivity. I have been a teeth grinder since I was a toddler and my dentist was surprised that I still grind them. He told me that typically grinding is something you grow out of but that did not happen with me. It’s caused worn down enamel and major sensitivity, which has also made me prone to cavities. After only have two my entire life, I just had seven filled a few months ago.

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#PatternFashion Transitional Diaper Bag #Giveaway {6 Winners!} {Open to U.S.}


Welcome To The Pattern Giveaway! 

Organized by The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It and joined by several amazing sites. We’re excited to bring you this fashionable event offering the Transitional Diaper Bag from Pattern LA as the Grand Prize plus FIVE lucky second place winners will win one of the TT Essentials Cosmetic Bags!

Pattern LA the creative start up by London-born designer Tiffany Lerman is turning lots of heads with the whimsical charm and classic appeal. Her handbags, backpacks, diaper bags, and accessory cases offer practical everyday use for moms on the go. 
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Add the GoPro Hero Action Camera to Your Christmas List! #GoProAtBestBuy @BestBuy


Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

If you are adventurous, you probably love receiving gifts that fit your personality like a rock climbing venture or trying new food. Am I right? How would you love to catch it all on camera? My husband and I had our first ziplining experience through the Smoky Mountains four years ago and although we have the vivid memory of how thrilling it was, it would be GREAT if we had the whole adventure on video. We do, however, have a fun family vacation by the ocean planned for next year and I can tell you that the GoPro HERO cameras are on my wish list!

Best Buy is the home of the latest cameras and camcorders, including the full line of new GoPro cameras and accessories to go along with them! Whether you have a fun-loving teen or you are a gadget guru yourself, GoPro cameras make perfect holiday gifts that shows you totally think outside of the box with gift-giving. These cameras will allow you to capture and share your fun, adventurous experiences and watch them over and over again.

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Sprint Upgrades Service in Indianapolis Region and the HTC One M8 #SprintMom #Sponsored #MC

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf Influence Central for Sprint. I received sample devices to facilitate this review.

There are downsides to many cell phone plans. I’ve been an AT&T customer since 2009, but have been frustrated with the recent changes to the changes in their rules and pricing for phone upgrades, dropped calls and the changes in data plans. What happened to unlimited text and data? What are the things that frustrate you most about your current cell phone service? For awhile we had a Sprint office located in my small town about an hour north of Indianapolis, but I didn’t get to it in time before it vanished out of nowhere. With limited options available here, I was excited to try out Sprint’s great new upgrades in the Indianapolis area.


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Finally Some Relief! Crest #SensiStop Strips Solved My Lifelong Sensitive Tooth Issues!

Disclosure: I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join Smiley360 here! This blog complies with FTC advertising guidelines.

I’ve always wondered why there isn’t a product out there to instantly relieve the pain that comes with having sensitive teeth without having to call and make a visit to the dentist. I have suffered from this ailment my ENTIRE LIFE, or at least since I can remember after my permanent teeth came in. As a little girl I was a teeth grinder, and at 30 years old I still am. It’s not something I can control. It happens while I sleep and I’ve never been able to solve the problem. I’ve tried using a mouth guard while I sleep only to take up in extreme jaw pain. So now I am dealing with worn down enamel and chronic cavities (I had seven cavities filled a few months ago). 


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Tips For Safe Sleep and Giveaways From HALO During SIDS Awareness Month + #Win a Sleep Sack! {Open to U.S. & Canada} #HALOSleepSack


Disclosure: I received a Sleep Sack as compensation for this post but it sends an important message so I was happy to share it with you all. Participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. This blog complies with FTC advertising guidelines.

As a mother, I hear all of the horror stories about SIDS and have always breathed a sigh of relief when my babies made it to the one year mark. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome says it all in the first word, sudden. Often unable to be explained. I have known a few women who have endured the loss of a child from SIDS and I can’t even begin to imagine the pain of that loss, but the fear is always there. SIDS is the leading cause of death among infants one month to one year of age. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “back to sleep,” which is part of the prevention of SIDS, but here are some more tips from HALO to ensure your baby is sleeping safely:

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Fall Engagement Photography Session – K.Teel Photography

So something I haven’t shared with you all is another passion of mine besides blogging. I love photography. I have started doing photography on the side, just every once in awhile. I am already very busy but photography makes my life more full. I’ve become the official “family photographer” for an adorable family here in northern Indiana. This couple is getting married next fall. I don’t know about you, but I adore fall photos, especially in front of an old barn or a bean field or a tree with orange and red leaves. Fall really is beautiful in Indiana. Although I don’t have much up yet, you can check out my photography page on Facebook here.

PicMonkey Collage


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